Our Story- Julio & Ashley

Ashley has prepared for international medical ministry her entire life and God has given her some incredible front-line experiences in Asia, Africa, South America, and most recently, in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Julio has traveled all over Latin America and Spain helping church leaders while working for EQUIP, Dr. John Maxwell’s organization and later with North Point Community Church where he served as a leader and mentor to pastors of ministries all over Latin America.

Julio and Ashley’s passion for the local church and burden for Latin America has been the catalyst that has opened the door for the opportunity to fulfill the mission and vision that God has placed deep in their hearts. It is only this kind of passion that could drive them to move their family from all the comforts of home in Atlanta, Georgia to unchartered territory and adventure in Costa Rica, Central America. To some it might seem like a sacrifice to leave home, family, and the United States but to them it is a privilege to be called to serve in ministry. So now, Julio and Ashley are looking for churches, families, and individuals, who would partner with them by praying and supporting them financially.